Monthly Archives: September 2007

Vets and Manyatta School

Apparently there was a leopard in my garden (in Nairobi) yesterday. Armed KWS rangers turned up to capture it but I think he or she was long gone. I have two terriers so they would have made nice starters for the Mr Spotty. I live pretty close to Nairobi National Park when in Nairobi and […]


Snared Elephants

Now that the intro for the Trust is uploaded its time to start blogging. I’m Susie Weeks, the Executive Officer of the Mount Kenya Trust. Right now I’m in my office in Nairobi but I divide my time between Nairobi and various parts of the Mt. Kenya region. I heard over the weekend that more […]

The Seat of God

Kirinyaga is the Kikuyu name for Mount Kenya, it means ‘the seat of God’. Usually shrouded in clouds the mountain and permanent snow caps only appear fleetingly from time to time inspiring numerous myths amongst the people who inhabit the lower slopes. Spiritual leaders of the Kikuyu tribe face the mountain to pray to Ngai […]

Introducing the Bill Woodley Mt. Kenya Trust

Mount Kenya is an internationally significant protected area inscribed in 1997 by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The World Heritage Commission recognised Mount Kenya as “one of the most impressive landscapes of Eastern Africa, with its rugged glacier-clad summits, Afro-alpine moorlands and diverse forests, which illustrate outstanding ecological processes”. Mount Kenya is also a […]