Monthly Archives: October 2007

A lot of good men!

So much to report! Not had much time to blog so apologies for the gap. Dr Nyamwea who is one of the vets who was able to remove a snare from one of the elephnts recently was still around when I last visited the area. There was yet another snared elephant at the water hole […]

The old classrooms..

Inside the new classrooms

New Classrooms at Manyatta Primary

Since Friday..

Good news came through yesterday from Edwin a female about 5 years old with a snare on her leg was darted and her snare removed yesterday. This will save her from the same fate as the young ele who’s amputated leg has manged to heal. Her wound was cleaned and she was spotted again today […]

Amputated Elephant – the result of snaring

this little elephant lost his leg earlier this year. The baby was treated but never survived. We want to make sure that we can prevent this happening to more elephants rather than trying to treat them at this stage with the few vets and resources we have that can currently be spared.

Elusive Elephants

The elusive elephants didn’t allow Dr Chege to help them, he arrived on Sunday and had to leave today but the head vet at KWS Francis Gakuya has been very helpful and freed up another vet to take over from tomorrow. It is so difficult to help when you have to wait for them to […]