Monthly Archives: March 2008

Putting the breaks on Wildlife Poaching

We need help to ensure our Joint Wildlife Protection team can get off the ground properly. In April three community scouts will be trained up to work with the KWS and KFS (Kenya Forest Service) Rangers. The vehicle, tents and equipment are all ready and I am so excited that Edwin will finally be able […]

Kisima, the Corridor and Gizmo

I am up north of Timau again (near the northern slopes of Mt Kenya) staying at Kisima Farm. Everyone here has always been very welcoming to me here, one of my Trustees, Martin Dyer, has lived and worked here all his life and his family have been a great support to the Trust. I’m staying […]

Kenya’s Future reliant on Mt Kenya’s habitats

The habitats the Trust is working so hard to conserve is more than a bid to save an area of outstanding beauty with an incredibly impressive number of species, some of which are listed as highly endangered. It is important to understand that there are few remaining catchment areas or water towers that provide Kenya […]

Kenya the Elephant

On Friday evening, exhausted and having caught flu I returned from a trip up north for meetings about the elephant corridor and a subsequently postponed Trustees meeting (a long story). So was having a little lie on Saturday morning when I got a call from Edwin – soon to be head of the community division […]