Monthly Archives: September 2008

More snared elephants

Edwin is reporting more snared elephants being sighted coming out of the forest nearly every day from where he is based at Mountain Lodge.  KWS vets are not available for now and even if we can get someone soon there is no guarantee that they will be helped because of the forest cover.  As the […]

A small rant in the wake of news from Zimbabwe!

The great happiness I felt this morning at the news of the coalition signing in Zimbabwe and emotion that rushed through me on hearing the heartfelt words of the new Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai were shattered by Mugabe’s speech which followed. Still banging on about interference, colonial rule and his Government’s ‘achievements’ like the evil madman […]

Susie to scale Mt. Kenya to point Lenana!!

Don’t get me wrong, I have trekked around Mount Kenya’s forests and camped at altitude for my work hundreds of times but until now I have never actually climbed the mountain! My usual argument/excuse being that I can be of much more use on the ground without the altitude sickness and where there are actually […]

Close to extinction: the Mountain Bongo

Recently we were pleased to receive pictures of the few bongo that remain on Mount Kenya. Only last year did we receive confirmation from the Bongo Surveillance that there were any left on Mount Kenya at all. We have been giving some support for their work on Mount Kenya though much of what they have […]

I’ve just been away in the UK having our first UK committee meeting. So lovely to have some new input to help move things forward. I was also trying to chase funds from Virgin Atlantic for the Elephant Corridor underpasses. Finally some of the funds have come through. The delay has caused untold problems for […]