Monthly Archives: April 2009

Great pic of Mount Kenya’s forests and peaks

I took this from a small aircraft recently, I think it might be hard for people to picture the peaks and the forests of Mount Kenya but this gives an idea of the change in habitats as you go up the mountain. Ironic that I was in a plane because we have had some support […]

Mount Kenya faces difficult times

The current economic and political climate means there is more pressure on Mount Kenya than usual. We are facing escalating levels of logging and poaching and we are now fighting a rising tide of problems which have been further exacerbated by the drought. Although the rains have finally arrived, fires have been raging on Mount […]

Underpass section of the elephant corridor to go ahead

We are now ready to tender out the first underpass for elephants to use along the Mount Kenya corridor thanks to funding from Virgin Atlantic. We’ve completed 18.4 km of fence out of a total of 28km. The thee photos below show some of the corridor fence in detail, some of the fence line looking […]