A country on the brink

The current global economic climate, combined with a Government that won’t take action for its people or resources and a servere drought in Northern Kenya are putting our unique habitats and wildlife in severe danger of being wiped out for good. Far from over-dramatising the situation I am stating the truth which nobody seems to be prepared to to talk about publicly. While people die from starvation after failed rains and the situation becomes more desperate for everybody, MPs are still preoccupied with their personal gains. KWS is somehow expected to protect wildlife in Reserves where revenue is taken by the County Councils though all control has been lost to banditry. Warring tribes are being allowed to kill one another with illegal automatic weapons and blatant poaching of wildlife is going unchecked. Much of the poaching is ‘inexplicably’ linked with the rising number of Chinese people in Kenya who seem to be protected by the powers that be. Yesterday – the day that the PM answered questions about our water crisis I cycled past a prominent ex MP’s house not far from the PM’s residence. Water was being pumped straight from the river through huge hose to clean his driveway in volumes used, or so I thought, only by firemen. This while the country starves. Once part of the ruling elite, always above the law. Whilst us conservationists try to make a difference and conserve and educate about the environment hypocrites talk the talk but still allow, and indeed abet blatant and wanton destruction of the county’s future. Who would have thought that the Moi era would feel like a vaugely responsible one in comparison?

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